We develop software and process
satelite data for specific problems.

SATIM Satellite Monitoring is the first company in Poland that uses satellite data for monitoring of, among others, natural hazards and the impact of mining on the environment. SATIM uses modern satellite technologies in its research and develops software for the processing and analysis of satellite images.
SATIM was established in 2012 on the initiative of Jacek Strzelczyk and Stanisława Porzycka-Strzelczyk in cooperation with the Kraków Center for Innovative Technologies INNOAGH sp. z o. o.

SATIM is based in Kraków.

Successes of SATIM include, among others, receiving a grant for technology transfer from the Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu – ARP) and receiving funding from the European Space Agency (ESA) for running a number of research&development and implementation projects for a total amount of 1 million euro.

nowoczesne technologie satelitarne

Our team

Jacek Strzelczyk



Stanisława Porzycka-Strzelczyk


Mateusz Maślanka

Director of Sales and Business Development


Radosław Murdzek

Remote Sensing Specialist

Hubert Malik

R&D Specialist

Radosław Grzybek

R&D Specialist

Lena Woźniak

Project Manager

Paulina Ziółek

Office Manager

Our publications

„Identification of Coherent Scatterers in SAR Images Based on the Analysis of Polarimetric Signatures”

Authors: Jacek Strzelczyk, Stanisława Porzycka-Strzelczyk, Published in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters ; DOI: 10.1109/LGRS.2013.22.79005.

„Analiza czasowa powolnych deformacji terenu na obszarze Zagłębia Dąbrowskiego” („Time analysis of slow terrain deformations in the area of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie”)

Authors: Stanisława Porzycka, Andrzej Leśniak, Published in: Przegląd Górniczy ; ISSN 0033-216X. — 2010 vol. 66 nr 6, pages 70–75.

„Analysis of ground deformations based on parallel geostatistical computations of PSInSAR data”

Authors:  Jacek Strzelczyk, Stanisława Porzycka, Andrzej Leśniak, Presented during: 17th International conference on Geoinformatics, Fairfax, USA, 12–14 August 2009, ISBN 978-1-4244-4562-2.

„Analysis of trend changes of ground deformation in the selected mining areas in Dabrowski Coal Basin (south Poland)”

Authors: Stanisława Porzycka, Andrzej Leśniak, Presented during 2011 IEEE International geoscience & remote sensing symposium,  24-29 July 2011, Vancouver, Canada, ISBN 978-1-4577-1004-9.

„Detekcja pionowych przemieszczeń terenu na obszarach górniczych z wykorzystaniem satelitarnej interferometrii radarowej typu PSInSAR” („Detection of terrian vertical displacements in the mining areas with the use of PSInSAR satellite radar interferometry”)

Authors:  Andrzej Leśniak, Stanisława Porzycka,  Published in: Archiwum Fotogrametrii, Kartografii i Teledetekcji, 2007 vol. 17b, pages 451–461, ISBN 978-83-920594-9-2.

„Preliminary pattern recognition in polarimetric signatures”

Authors: Stanisława Porzycka, Jacek Strzelczyk, Marzena Bielecka, Andrzej Leśniak, Presented during: IGARSS 2012 – IEEE international geoscience and remote sensing symposium : remote sensing for a dynamic Earth,  22–27 July 2012, Monachium, ISBN 978-1-4673-1158-8.

„Environment monitoring using satellite radar interferometry technique (PSInSAR)”,

Authors: Andrzej Leśniak, Stanisława Porzycka, Published in: Polish Journal of Environmental Studies,  ISSN 1230-1485, 2008 vol. 17 no. 3A, pages 382–387.

„Study of road deformations in the area of Dabrowski Basin using satellite radar interferometry”

Authors: Andrzej Leśniak, Stanisława Porzycka. Presented during: Near Surface Geoscience 2012 – 18th European meeting of environmental and engineering geophysics : remote sensing workshop, 3–5 September 2012, Paris, France, ISBN 978-90-73834-34-7.

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