What is in our report?

Full information about the area under analysis

Our report accurately describes the area under analysis. Its location in a specific administrative unit of the country is specified, and additionally its geographical location is indicated through its coordinates. The area is also characterised in terms of topography, based on the height values recorded in the area of the identified landslide.

A reliable source of information

Our analyses are based on many years of experience of our specialists in the field of research and development in the scope of satellite radar interferometry. In our work, we always use the latest scientific achievements and satellite data perfectly tailored to your needs.

Precise spatial information

The report contains a map with the marked range of the landslide area from the customer or directly from the database of the Landslide Protection System of the Polish State Geological Institute together with marked measuring points generated during the analysis of satellite radar data.

Transparent information on land movements

A tabular summary of the results of land movements aggregated to full quarters of the year allows you to quickly assess the degree of land movements for the generated measuring points. In this way you get an excellent tool for monitoring landslide areas and areas threatened by mass movements.

Graphic presentation of results

Using the generated graphs for measuring points, you will be able to accurately track the process of land movements in the landslide area. Depending on your selection of source data, this analysis will be possible every 6 days (using free Sentinel - 1 satellite imagery) or even daily (based on commercial ICEYE data).

The report presents full information about the analysed landslide area and provides the results of the study in the form of: a map of measuring points, a tabular set of movement results and graphs illustrating the process of land movement in the landslide area.

Analysis area and data

Research methodology

Map of measuring points

Tabular summary of points

Graphs for measuring points

Our use cases

Did you know that monitoring results can be seen on the geoportal?

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