Support for construction companies at every stage of the investment

Check out how satellite monitoring can contribute to the success of your company.

Reliability, innovation, trust – these are intrinsic features of the image of every decent construction company. Satellite technologies can help your company generate profits at every stage of the commission: starting with a tender (using satellite monitoring gives you the opportunity to present your company as an innovative partner that is familiar with new technologies) to efficient work planning (support of the measurement process), to final implementation (saving working time, monitoring the stability of terrestrial infrastructure in the surroundings of works, as-built inventory and many other aspects of the service).

wsparcie procesu pomiarów

Why should
you choose SATIM?

Modern solutions

The use of new technologies allows you to highlight your offer in the tender process, and contributes to building the company's image as constantly growing and not afraid of new challenges.

Significant shortening of working time

Using the advantages of satellite monitoring (the possibility of one-time monitoring of very large areas without having to send people to the site of measurements) makes the process of making measurements much faster.

As-built inventory as part of comprehensive service

As part of our services, we offer making an inventory: before, during and after the investment - which allows you to make the right decisions at every stage of the work.

satim raporty krakow

Ensuring the safety of local residents

Monitoring the stability of terrestrial infrastructure in the surroundings of the works ensures that the investment does not have a negative impact on the environment and neighboring buildings (this service can also be an independent proof in this type of cases).

monitoring satelitarny dla firmysatim dla firm

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