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Offer not only for specialists –
directed to help, not hurt.

For all the people, their house is a special place. We want it to be associated with comfort and safety. It is often the most important investment of our lives. It is good to prepare for it to later avoid difficulties that can cost us a lot of nerves, time and money. If difficulties arise, – use effective tools to effectively resist troubles.

Although satellite technologies are commonly associated with expensive solutions addressed to a narrow group of specialists, our offer proves that it is different. Regardless of which stage of the investment you are at: whether you are just about to invest in real estate, or struggling with the problem of damage caused by mining activities or landslides – satellite technologies can help you.

Why should
you choose SATIM?

A thorough analysis of the investment site's stability

Are you planning to buy a parcel and build real estate? Our analysis is the most effective way to increase the level of security of your future investment.

Competitive analysis prices

Depending on the chosen analysis parameters, our offer is from a few to a dozen times cheaper compared to traditional geodesic surveys.

Quick diagnosis of the risk of parcel land instability

Doors and windows that you cannot close, cracks on joints and walls - sounds familiar? Thanks to us, you can check within just 48 hours if they are not the result of land movements - and decide what the next steps should be taken.

Arguments in disputes regarding mining damage

The opinions and reports we have prepared allow you to easily check the occurrence of the subsidence process. This information may be evidence of the occurrence of mining damage.

osiadanie terenuraporty sprawdzające proces osiadania terenu

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