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Innovation and responsible business

Mining companies nowadays face many challenges: they must look for new solutions and innovative methods to increase profits from exploitation, but at the same time care for the natural environment and good relations with inhabitants of mining and adjacent areas. The use of satellite data can significantly contribute to meeting each of the above-mentioned goals. The solutions proposed by SATIM can be used in a wide range of fields. The data obtained in this way may help in monitoring the zone of exploitation, selecting areas for exclusion from investments, as well as cooperating with residents and local authorities in an atmosphere of dialogue.

Our offer is backed by our experience in satellite monitoring of surface area deformations in the mining area of Katowicki Holding Węglowy.

satim oferta dal kopalń

Why should
you choose SATIM?

High frequency of measurements

Our solutions allow you to take measurements even every 6 days, which is one of the highest measurement frequencies among the offers on the market.

Increased density of measuring points

Integration of satellite and geodetic data in terrain imaging allows for obtaining a new quality of measurement information. Data can contain over 1000 points/km2.

An independent source of information about subsidence

The opinions and reports prepared by our company allow you to easily check the occurrence of the subsidence process. This information may constitute an independent certificate of no occurrence of terrain deformation in the area.

satim raporty krakow

Corporate Social Responsibility

Technologies offered by SATIM help in conducting business activities in accordance with the principles of CSR (corporate social responsibility); satellite monitoring allows for obtaining data on potential threats resulting from exploitation, thanks to which it is possible to prevent their occurrence beforehand. The use of this type of information translates into taking into account the interests of society and caring for the society and environment.

monitoringu strefy wpływów eksploatacji

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