Mining municipalities

We help find effective compromises in conflicts of interest

Municipal management in a mining area is an extremely difficult and responsible task. The necessity of taking care of both the well-being of the inhabitants and the future of the city’s development requires a proper perspective and the ability to find a compromise in conflicts of interest.

Satellite monitoring techniques can help with this. The innovative technology offered by SATIM allows for an accurate and thorough analysis of a large area. Satellite monitoring is an evolution in relation to commonly used terrestrial methods: it has an advantage over them in terms of cost, the number of measuring points, frequency of measurements (information can be provided even every 6 days), and lack of invasiveness.

monitoring zmian terenu

Monitoring of land changes has a positive impact on investments,
spatial planning and building social capital.

We encourage you to learn about our implementation for the city of Jastrzębie Zdrój:

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Why should
you choose SATIM?

Improving spatial planning and investment planning

Thanks to the analysis of the area at the planning stage it is possible to exclude places threatened by the impact of mining activities - and thus avoid constructions/investments in an unstable area where the threat is still present.

Image benefits

Public access to information about the surface of the area (e.g. through a geoportal) builds the image of an innovative and transparent municipality caring about the well-being of its inhabitants.

A thorough assessment of the impact of mining on the environment

Early enough recognition of land displacements allows for taking preventive actions leading to minimization of negative impacts of mining.

Arguments in disputes regarding mining damage

The opinions and reports we have prepared allow you to easily check the occurrence of the land subsidence process. This information may be the evidence of occurrence of mining damage.

analizie terenu na etapie planowania dane satelitarnedane satellitarne gminy

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